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The upwards trend towards online sales has been happening for many years, but eCommerce has boomed even more during lockdown. While the reasons for this are obvious, the sudden uptick in online sales won’t completely drop off as the restrictions are eased. This is partly because it’s opened eCommerce and the Internet in general up […]

When it comes to building a solid marketing strategy it’s important to cover all your bases. Just having a social media presence or a blog doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to stand out from the crowd that are already bombarding your competitors with content. Below are just a few of the main reasons why […]

Studies have shown that during the Covid-19 crisis more consumers are buying online than ever before. When a consumer visits a site, they want to be able to find the information they require quickly. The most effective way of delivering it to them is by video, as you can say an awful lot in just […]

Any business owner will tell you one of the keys to success in any workplace is in clearcommunication with employees. There are several ways to talk to your workforce, including emails and face to face meetings. Emails can be good, if only you were sure that everyone would read them and pay attention to what […]

Most business owners realise they need to promote their brand but figuring out the best ways to do this can be more difficult. More traditional ways include TV and radio advertising, magazine and newspaper adverts, and more recently social media has become a popular way for businesses to raise awareness of their brand. There is […]

There are many different reasons for making a video, and each one requires skills that others don’t. Product video production is no exception, and as with all videos, the quality can make a huge difference to how effective the finished video is as a marketing tool. If you want to advertise an event or a […]

In recent years the amount of video traffic has trebled. This is just one of several statistics that all point towards the same thing, people prefer video. This rapid growth isn’t by accident. Our mobile devices and social platforms are all more friendly to video content than they were a decade ago. Faster data speeds […]

There is no doubt that videos are a great marketing tool, but they are not the easiest things to master or manage. There is far more to creating video content than just having someone play a part or answer questions while you film it on your phone. Although smartphone cameras and low-cost editing tools have […]

Social media has grown to be larger than anyone imagined when it started. It now has more than 2.65 billion users, and this is estimated to rise to 3.1 billion by 2021. It is one of the most popular online activities and has become a major source of news and information. It gives people the […]