The upwards trend towards online sales has been happening for many years, but eCommerce has boomed even more during lockdown. While the reasons for this are obvious, the sudden uptick in online sales won’t completely drop off as the restrictions are eased. This is partly because it’s opened eCommerce and the Internet in general up to a lot of new people, and partly because of the increased confidence consumers will have in shopping online.

What this trend has caused

Whether it was supermarkets or local businesses, we’ve seen a scramble to increase capacity and infrastructure to service the increased demand. When it comes to the world of eCommerce a local business isn’t just one that’s in your nearest town or city, but one that is anywhere in Ireland.

This has opened up a world of new businesses to shoppers and browsers. However, many are missing out on the boom due to not engaging with potential customers in an appropriate way.

How to stand out from the crowd

While eCommerce opens up a world of new potential customers, it also means you have more competition. The key to survival in the emerging world will be down to who can grab the attention of the customer. This requires more than simply chucking money at Facebook or Google ads. The consumer must be engaged by what they see, trust your brand, and have a clear path to becoming your newest customer.

Video is the best media format to use to achieve these goals.

Why professional videos are the best way forward

The growth of video content online has been phenomenal in recent years. It is now a clear favourite when it comes to consuming any type of media on websites and social media resources. At its current rate of growth predictions say that by 2022 more than 80% of content consumed online will be in the form of video.

From a business perspective, a professional video for your website or social channels can say much more about you in a matter of seconds, engaging your viewers in a way that a wall of text cannot. You only have to compare two sites selling similar products, one using video content and one not, to see the difference in views converted to sales. The one using video will nearly always have a far better conversion rate. While video is expanding quickly, there are still many areas that aren’t saturated, meaning you still have time to be one of the first in your immediate market to adopt a professional video as a marketing tool, giving you an extra advantage over competitors.

Professional videos are now more accessible than ever. The restrictive costs of a decade or two ago are a thing of the past. Any business with a website or social channels can benefit from this affordable medium.

Other advantages of video

The advantages of video are not restricted to better conversion rates with visitors. There are many advantages:

Google loves video content – It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Google, the owners of YouTube, like video content. It’s incorporated into their search results and is becoming an increasingly favoured option for people looking for instruction or products using the world’s top search engine.

Video provides a better ROI – The very nature of a professionally produced video will make it ideal for sharing on a number of resources, even several times over an extended period of time. A professional video will always feature string branding and a clear message, which in itself is an excellent marketing tool. However, if it’s sitting on your YouTube channel or a social resource, even a customer that searches in a couple of years could come across your video. Video really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Video builds confidence in your brand – A professional video says something about your brand. Not just what the content of the video is, but also that you’re trying your best to communicate with the customer in the most effective way. The outdated stereotype of professional videos only being accessible to bigger companies because of prohibitive costs works in your favour, as a professional video now adds credibility and weight to your branding.

Video easily increases the reach of your company – Video content is the most shared content on most resources. It’s easy for fans or customers to share with their friends. However, this does mean you need to create a video worthy of sharing, which is why partnering with a company with lots of experience gives you the best chance of getting the best possible return on your investment.

Video allows you to tell a story – If relevant, you may decide to use your video to highlight the pain points that your product or service solves, showing customers in a relatable way how you can make their life easier. You can utilise humour or a human touch to increase the likelihood of your video getting shared. We can design videos to engage on an emotional level or simply entertain in a light way, both of which will serve you well.

Partner with a professional company that understands you

The first thing we ask our clients is for them to tell us a little about themselves. As a video production company with over 500 videos in our ever-expanding portfolio, we know that the most important aspect of creating quality content is to know exactly who the people we work with are.

You also want the company you work with to have an excellent understanding of how to best utilise your video. Whether it’s maximising your SEO efforts, ensuring your video reaches as many relevant people as possible, or just building brand awareness, with over 500 videos in our portfolio we are experienced in every aspect of getting the most from your budget, from the best day to upload your video to the best places to reach your audience.