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Helen Cody

Couture fashion obviously requires a more delicate approach than your average promotional video. For Helen Cody, we staged a carefully lit film shoot that allowed us to show the elegant design of her fabrics and dresses at their best.

Kevin Thornton’s Kooks

Nothing looks better on film than fresh veg and expertly cooked food. For Kevin Thornton’s Michelin Star cooking classes, a lot of the heavy lifting was done by himself and his amazing students. That said, our scripting, cinematography and creative team came together on this one to create a video that lives up to the high quality of his class.

Business Development with Alison Cowzer

When Alison Cowzer worked with the Irish Girl Guides to empower their young members with knowledge and skills in business development, we knew we had a chance to create something truly inspirational.

Tamp & Stitch

A stylish boutique needs a stylish promo. Tamp & Stitches amazing studio was a challenge to light and shoot in. Nevertheless, the Estivus team pulled together to create a video that didn’t just look good, but also expressed the style and savviness of the Tamp & Stitch brand.


We also cover a range of live events

Bank of Ireland

Not all corporate events are about speeches and presentations. For big business that aims to get involved with the community and to offer support that matters, it’s important to create a friendly vibe. For Bank of Ireland’s charity event in aid of the Peter Barry trust, we made sure to keep things lively and fun.

The Taste of Kildare

At large events with lots happening, it’s important to work with a team who know how to cover everything that matters. At the Taste of Kildare, we made sure to get everything into a beautifully shot video that shows all of the people, food, music and fun that was had on the day.

Barberstown Castle – Medieval Banquets

One thing we always make sure to do is to take advantage of a great location. At Barberstown Castle, we utilised drone footage and the enormous banquet hall to create a spectacular result that shows off just how stunning their medieval events can be.

Naas Rotary Community Fete

Sometimes it’s the people who make it! At the Naas Community Fete, there was a huge amount of entertainment for every member of the family. We made sure to be in the right place to capture all the fun and hijinks while also spreading the important message of how the Naas Rotary Club helps the community as a whole.

Promotional Video

Make a promotional video or promo video to get your brand noticed. Research shows consumers favour watching a video about a product or service over reading about them. A promotional video allows you to give a voice and face to your business, engaging with your audience, while providing a greater reach.

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