The Spencer Hotel

When advertising a hotel group, the most important thing to do is to allow the viewer to take part in the experience. With The Spencer Hotel, we made sure to capture the elegant rooms, bars and facilities that their guests enjoy.


Not every business has a personal story behind it, but when they do, it’s critical to do it justice. With Camsaw we had the chance to reveal the origins of their company and the people behind it. The end result is powerful and moving.

Wallace Mobile Homes

Stunning scenery, drone shots and lifestyle photography all come together for the Wallace Mobile Homes video. You might not believe just how amazing a mobile home in Ireland can be until you see it for yourself.

Axis Office Fit Out

If you want to sell an office fit out, you really need ensure your clients believe that you have the skills and design sense to pull it off. As you can imagine, video is a huge part of getting this across. Our creative team did an amazing job showcasing Axis Office Fit Out’s showroom and staff.

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