We don’t need to convince anyone of how useful and popular video now is. Anyone with a smartphone or social media account will already be well aware of how video use has increased in recent years, how it is now the preferred method of consuming information, and how it’s only going to become increasingly popular as time goes on.

However, many people don’t realise just how accessible professional quality videos are. Advancements in technology don’t just mean an increase in consumption, but also a reduction in costs. Creative marketing videos, great explainer videos, or simply engaging brand building videos are no longer exclusively for multi-national companies with huge marketing budgets.

Knowing that a video is within reach for even small businesses doesn’t necessarily help you to take the first steps to creating a great video for your business, so hear we’ve compiled some top tips that you should consider for your video.

Questions to consider

Below are just a few of the questions to consider before starting your video.

  • What purpose does your video serve? For instance, will it act as an intro to your company for new customers, showcase a product, or provide useful information? Will it be designed to attract engagement or to increase sales?
  • Would any sort of training or instruction be useful to your customers?
  • Where will you be using your video? Will it be going on your website, YouTube, social channels, or any other third-party resources? Most people use a combination of these, depending on their current digital presence and their own goals.
  • What style of video do you want to create? Will it be an informal vlog style video, or do you want a professional high-quality video? The tone of the video will create the customers first impression of your brand.

These are just a few initial questions you should consider to create a direction for your video. There’s lots more to deal with, which we’ll highlight below.


Know who you’re speaking to

To maximise the impact your video has it’s important to make sure you understand the psychology of your target audience. Why would they be looking at your video? Is there a specific demographic it should appeal to? These can also vary slightly depending on the purpose of your video. For example, a professional video created to simply drive brand awareness will need to appeal to a larger audience than one designed for existing customers.


Have a clear message and avoid jargon

Appealing to as many people as possible means as many people as possible need to understand the video and clearly understand any messages it conveys. Using corporate or industry jargon will instantly exclude any viewer that doesn’t understand it. Your customers need to understand what your company can do for them or what problems you or your products solve in as simple and clear format as possible.


Make a human connection

If the purpose of your video is to expand brand awareness, then simply having people see it isn’t enough, the impression you make is even more important, as this will guide what the viewer does next in relation to your company. The best marketing makes a human connection with your audience, whether it’s through humour, storytelling, or any other human emotion. Making this connection creates an instant rapport with your brand and helps turn viewers into customers.


Be concise and start strong

Most people that view videos on social media platforms don’t want to watch promotional videos that go on for minutes. They can also scroll paste or lose interest if you don’t catch their attention early on. Of course, the best way to do this will depend on your own particular video and your target audience.


Don’t forget your SEO

Creating a video will have numerous benefits for your business but making sure you use the right keywords in the title, description and tags is also important. You can also use a transcript of your video to help people who perform a text search find your video.


Ensure your videos are optimised for all devices

Consumers are watching content on an increasing array of devices. Ensuring your video is optimised to be viewed by all potential customers, whether they are on a desktop computer, smartphone, or table, will help to ensure maximum reach.


Can your video be evergreen?

If you’re not sharing a video about a product that will be updated, then your corporate video can provide you with an exceptional return on your investment. Video content does this in several ways. As well as being one the most popular format online, it also has the ability to be used in several places, and evergreen videos can be reused in future marketing campaigns. This gives your investment a great lifespan and means an evergreen marketing video is the gift that keeps on giving.


Partner with a professional company that understands you

The first thing we ask our clients is for them to tell us a little about themselves. As a video production company with over 500 videos in our ever-expanding portfolio, we know that the most important aspect of creating quality content is to know exactly who the people we work with are.

We also want you to have an excellent understanding of how we best utilise the video. Whether it’s maximising your SEO efforts, ensuring your video reaches as many relevant people as possible, or just building brand awareness, with over 500 videos in our portfolio we are experienced in every aspect of getting the most from your budget.

If you’re interested in any type of video production and would like to chat to see if it’s a viable option for you, just give us a call or send us an email, we’re always happy to offer some advice or answer your questions.