When it comes to building a solid marketing strategy it’s important to cover all your bases. Just having a social media presence or a blog doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to stand out from the crowd that are already bombarding your competitors with content. Below are just a few of the main reasons why you should definitely make corporate videos part of your strategy.

People engage with information in different ways

People absorb information in different ways, and if your goal is to inform your audience about your brand, products, or a special offer, then you need to ensure it gets shared in as many ways as possible.

Creating video content appeals to two different types of learners, both visual and auditory. This is a far simpler way to get your message across in a far more creative manner. Because video can be used multiple times on different platforms, you could also create a blog post with the video transcriber underneath to also appeal to those that prefer to read.

Video is perfect for sharing

While YouTube and Vimeo make it easy to share video, other resources like Facebook and Instagram are also becoming increasingly geared towards video content. If someone comes across something on their Facebook feed or on YouTube, it’s simple for them to tag friends or share the video to their own feed. Creating a video that gets shared increases the reach of your message exponentially.

For example, did you know that on Facebook alone more than 4 billion video views take place every day? 65% of all video views on Facebook come from mobile users. Facebook isn’t even the biggest video site, YouTube is. However, the resources you use will partly depend on your target audience. For example, the percentage of teenagers that use Facebook is reducing, with more middle aged to older people using it more frequently, whereas a younger audience is more likely to be found on other resources.

Google loves video content

Google now incorporates video results into their search results. This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, as after all, they do own YouTube. There is also a lot of data pointing to video being the preferred medium for consuming data on the Internet. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your business by providing branding and information along with useful information.

Video content drives engagement

A professionally created and creative video on your webpage or social media resources grabs people’s attention. It helps you to stand out amongst an oversaturated backdrop of noise. Your potential customers are far more likely to click play on a video than read 750 words of text to receive the same message. Video is a more efficient way for people that are pushed for time.

Video content enriches branding

Video content doesn’t just deliver the message you are conveying. Including video content also says something about your business. It adds a new dimension to your image and shows you’re making efforts to communicate. There is also an outdated stereotype that corporate videos are only accessible to bigger companies because of prohibitive costs. While this is no longer true, it still lingers in many minds, and for these people seeing a professional corporate video from your company will also add credibility.

You can focus on pain points

If your product or service solves a problem or makes your customer’s life easier in some way, seeing this in action can be a great way to get the viewer to relate to your product or service. This is avery effective tactic as it avoids gimmicks and simply engages the user with a story that is relevant to them. This makes your ad informative and useful and will engage the user in a far more authentic way than many other methods of advertising.

Use humour or a human touch as a hook

Whether it’s humour or a meaningful human connection, a high-quality corporate video will come across as genuine. This creates a human connection, whether it’s designed to engage or entertain, it will do it effectively when it’s well made.

Modern consumers won’t fall for the obvious marketing ploys of the last few decades. Obvious CTAs and being told to buy your product will leave them with a feeling of being sold to, rather than trying to build a positive connection with them that will bear fruit for your brand.

Tell a story

Whether it’s through focusing on your customer’s pain points, creating awareness about your brand, or simply providing genuinely useful educational or instructional content, using an engaging story or narrative to get your message across adds a lot of weight to your message and makes it far more memorable.

Video has a better ROI

While a professional video will feature a clear message and strong branding, which in its own right will be an effective marketing tool, video can also be used multiple time over a long-time span and on multiple resources. A YouTube video doesn’t disappear after a month, like some adverts, it will be on YouTube indefinitely. This increases the likelihood of it being rediscovered and shared over a longer period of time and makes video a truly lasting asset for your marketing team.

Partner with a professional company that understands you

The first thing we ask our clients is for them to tell us a little about themselves. As a video production company with over 500 videos in our ever-expanding portfolio, we know that the most important aspect of creating quality content is to know exactly who the people we work with are.

You also want the company you work with to have an excellent understanding of how to best utilise your video. Whether it’s maximising your SEO efforts, ensuring your video reaches as many relevant people as possible, or just building brand awareness, with over 500 videos in our portfolio we are experienced in every aspect of getting the most from your budget.