Most business owners realise they need to promote their brand but figuring out the best ways to do this can be more difficult. More traditional ways include TV and radio advertising, magazine and newspaper adverts, and more recently social media has become a popular way for businesses to raise awareness of their brand. There is another medium that does what all of these do and more, which is why so many companies are now turning to corporate videos for branding.

Although corporate videos for branding are a fairly new innovation compared to some methods of promotion, they have been embraced by marketers for several reasons and just a sample of them are discussed below.

Corporate videos for branding can boost conversions and sales

It is said that vision is our most dominant sense so it should be no surprise that viewers of websites and social media love videos. More can be said in a short video than can be portrayed in any other way in such a small space of time. With consumers leading busy lives these days, they do not have the time to read an article or flick through a gallery of images.

When corporate videos for branding are used, more people are engaged, and research has shown that nearly three quarters of consumers will buy because of a video they have watched.

Corporate videos for branding give a great return on investment

Because of the extra sales that corporate videos for branding result in, they offer a great return on investment. They are not as expensive to produce as many people think, and when the latest technology is used, the cost becomes more reasonable without any drop-off in quality.

In the past, many business owners tried to cut costs by producing corporate videos for branding themselves. However, at the end of the day, to have something that is engaging and looks professional needs professional equipment and the expertise to achieve desired result.

At Estivus, we always start by discussing exactly what you want you video to depict, what style you want to portray and what emotions you want to stir. For example, do you want your corporate videos for branding to be serious or humorous? We need to know about your business and what audience you want to reach.

We will then ensure that your corporate videos for branding are packed with quality content and are produced to the highest standard. We do all this without breaking the bank.

Corporate videos for branding help to build trust in your company

Trust is the foundation of any business, as without it consumers will not buy from you. Corporate videos for branding allow you to explain how products work and to give interesting information that will engage your viewers.

There is still an awareness among consumers of online cheating and fraud, but more than half said that videos gave them more confidence in the brand they were watching, and they are more likely to buy from that company.

Corporate videos for branding can improve your search engine rankings

If a viewer stays on your website for 10 seconds or more to watch a video, you are more likely to move up the search engine rankings. Google in particular loves videos, and since it has owned YouTube there has been a significant increase in the way corporate videos for branding can affect your ranking. In fact, research has shown that you are 53% more likely to be near the top of the Google rankings if you have a video embedded in your website and on your social media pages.

Corporate videos for branding attract mobile users

With the increase in the number of smartphones and tablets in use worldwide, most people use some sort of mobile device to view the internet. They will scroll through their social media accounts, search items they want to buy and use their device to control their money. Ninety percent of consumers that buy online do so from mobile devices and this is great news for those that have invested in corporate videos for branding. A video is easier to watch on a small screen than an article is to read, for instance, and this means that more users become engaged with the products they are viewing.

Corporate videos for branding will engage even the laziest of buyers. If they can browse your site while they are on a train or bus on the way to or from work, they will buy from you rather than have to trudge around stores to find what they want. Videos lets them see a product in action or have an explanation of how it works. This is what the buyer wants, and they will not need to bother reading instructions or articles to find out the same information.

Corporate videos for branding encourage shares on social media

There is no doubt that social media is a popular marketing tool, but it is only successful if the business gets enough followers. Corporate videos for branding are far more likely to be shared than any other type of advert. This seems to be especially the case if the corporate videos for branding are entertaining in some way, which is why ones that stir emotions are the most successful of all.

More than three quarters of social media users said they would share a video to their friends if it is entertaining. Creativity is an important part of making this happen.

Get in touch with the experts for your corporate videos for branding

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You have nothing to lose by discussing corporate videos for branding with us and could gain a lot.