There are many different reasons for making a video, and each one requires skills that others don’t. Product video production is no exception, and as with all videos, the quality can make a huge difference to how effective the finished video is as a marketing tool. If you want to advertise an event or a group of some sort, your video will need to be totally different to if you want to promote a product. Product video production is a type all of its own and making it engaging and interesting for viewers is vitally important.

Deciding on content for your product video production

The first thing you need to consider is if you want to promote just one product or a range of them. This is an important decision as it will affect how the content is structured. Then you need to consider whether you want your product video production to be serious, romantic, humorous or have a specific theme, such as Christmas. Whichever atmosphere you want to create will determine how your product video production progresses to the next stage.

Problem solving with your product video production

The most effective promotional videos are the ones that solve a problem for the viewers. Now is your chance to let your video promotion show prospective customers how your product can make their lives simpler in some way. It does not have to be a huge problem. People these days lead such busy lives that something that saves them just a few minutes will be very popular with consumers.

Just some of the items that have been successfully promoted in this way include a cat litter tray that is self-cleaning and only needs changing every few weeks rather than every day. For people that forget to water their plants there are plant-watering stakes, and for those that hate cleaning toilets, a chemfree toilet cleaner that prevents stains from forming.

Each of these products solved a simple consumer problem and saved time. You need to think about what issues your product could make simpler for consumers and build your product video production around it.

The advantages of using professionals for your product video production

Smartphones and tablets have encouraged more people to make videos of all sorts, from holidays and parties, to weddings and new babies. These can be great to show your friends and to post on your social media account. However, when you want to promote a product, an amateur video can reflect badly on your company, your brand, and ultimately the product video production will not be a success.

Good product video production needs the right equipment and the content to be as effective as you want it to be. It needs to have people that will get the lighting right because that can be very important in showing your product, and is just one of the items the professionals will have knowledge and experience in.

The quality of your video promotion will reflect on your products and your brand, and a professionally produced video is much more likely to result in the increased sales you are after.

The preference of consumers

Whether you have one outlet, an online business, or a chain of stores, quality product video production is very important when it comes to promoting your business. Ask most consumers if they would rather read an article or watch a video and most of them will opt for the video every time. They are quicker to watch and can give a lot more information in a shorter time. This results in more consumers seeing your products and more of them converting to customers.


You may be surprised how much information can be in a video of just 20 or 30 seconds. To say the same in an article could take the reader a few minutes to read, and most busy consumers just do not have the time or cannot be bothered.

As many videos are posted to social media, as well as to websites, this time saving can be a deciding factor in whether your intended audience sees what you want them to. The growth in social media must be a deciding factor in using product video production to promote your brand, as more people are likely to see it than through any other medium. As search engines count the number of views you get, that can also help you to move up their rankings, which in turn will mean more people view your website.

Finding the professionals to help with your product video production

If you put ‘product video production in Ireland’ into google it returns more than 84 million results and it goes without saying that 99% of those results will not be exactly what you are after. You could save yourself a lot of time and hassle by getting in touch with our friendly team at Estivus. Just take a look at our portfolio and you will see companies and groups such as The Spencer Hotel, Wallace Mobile Homes, Axis Office Fit Out, The Irish Tourist Assistant Service, The Irish Girl Guides, The Wool Felt Shop and Tamp and Stitch are just a few of the clients that have trusted us to produce their videos for them.

With more than 500 videos already made for clients, and more in the process of being completed, you can rest assured that at Estivus we know how to handle your product video production in a way that portrays your products in the best way and will be as effective as possible.

Why not give us a call on 01 969 6284 or email us at [email protected]. You may be surprised by how quickly product video production can be completed and how little it will cost. Certainly, any cost is far outweighed by the extra sales a professional video is likely to bring, so get in touch with us today.