Any business owner will tell you one of the keys to success in any workplace is in clearcommunication with employees. There are several ways to talk to your workforce, including emails and face to face meetings.

Emails can be good, if only you were sure that everyone would read them and pay attention to what is being said. Sometimes misunderstandings can happen, and as most employees receive nearly 100 emails per day, can you be sure they will give your email the attention it needs?

Face to face meetings have always been a part of good business communication, but what if not every key person can attend? Someone missing from a meeting could result in the wrong decision being made. Meetings can also be very time consuming and affect the productivity of those involved.

Internal communications videos are an alternative that workers are more likely to view and absorb, especially if you must reach a large number of employees, or they are spread over separate locations. They can be less time consuming for them to watch and you can say much more in a few minutes than they can read in the same time.

Internal communications videos work better than emails

Research has shown that internal communications videos work better than emails, especially if they contain instructions or announcements. They could be used for a number of different business-relatedreasons, just a few examples being new ideas, step-by-step instructions, product updates, training videos, to announce an event date, general business news or the sharing of data.

Internal communications videos have proven to be a great resource to improve employee engagement and more businesses than ever are beginning to use them to their advantage.

Employees prefer Internal communications videos

Videos are a medium preferred by most people and employees are no exception. Whether you are informing your workforceabouta special announcement or the promotion of a new product, studies have shown that more people watch and take not of the content of a video. Often, if they are faced with a long email and lots of text, they often just scan the information, which is how misunderstandings happen.

One study showed that more than half of employees preferred internal communications videos than any other method of communicating, and a whopping 79% said they were simpler to learn from, which they believed was good for the business.

Internal communications videos can save you money

It is estimated that internal communications videos can save each employee 6minutes and 43 seconds a day. That might not sound much, but it equates to around half an hour a week and almost 25 hours a year. When you times 25-hours by the number of employees you have you will soon realise how many productiveare being lost while they trawl through emails or attend meetings. That extra productivity from your workforce could be significant and save your business a lot of money. In fact, if a company has 500 employees, the time saved equates to the equivalent of 7 more full-time employees.

Internal communications videos can help to build trust

In many companies, the workers who are the backbone of the business do not get to see the CEO on a regular basis. Everyone has a role to play and usually top management is too busy to be doing more than their job. However, if they make announcements or give talks through internal communications videos, it makes the staff feel they are not quite so distant and helps to build trust and loyalty.

Internal communications videos are a lot less impersonal than an email, and that can be vital in helping to keep moral up among your workforce.Emotions and the tone of a message can be lost in an email and other more traditional forms of communication, where they can come across clearly in videos.

Internal communications videos are always available

If you want to use internal communications videos as a training tool, one huge advantage is that they are always available and can be watched multiple times if needs be. It also means that workers can view them at home as well as while they are at work, and internal communications videos can be a huge help to some employees when they are being used for teaching purposes.

There is no doubt internal communications videos are cost effective and preferred by most employees. They can help to build a relationship between workers and management and can be one of the best ways of passing on training tutorials or complex instructions.

Bearing all these advantages in mind, how do you go about producing the best internal communications videos for your business?

Producing internal communications videos

It really depends on what type of internal communications video you want to produce. If you want to add some extra information to a training video or make a quick announcement, you could just sit at your desk and speak into the recorder on your laptop or PC.

However, if you want effective and meaningful training videos, they should be more professional, and you need to be certain they will convey the right information. This is where Estivus can help you. We will talk to you to understand exactly what it is you need and then help you put together the best possible training video for your needs. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure that this happens and your video is of the highest quality.

Of course, at Estivus, we can help you with all types of video production. Regardless of whether you want videos for corporate branding, to advertise something special on social media or your website, or are purely looking at internal communications videos, you should give us a call and have a chat with us. With the experts at your side you may be surprised how simple we can make the whole process for you.

You can call us right now on 01 969 6284 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.