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According to Yum Yum Videos’ 2019 Video Marketing Trends Survey, 87% of business owners are satisfied with the ROI of previous video marketing campaigns. And the satisfaction levels with ROI of explainer videos came to a whopping 92%. Some 89% of those surveyed said they experienced an increase in conversions due to the use of […]

When you think of traditional corporate video production there is a stereotype of the video being boring and dull. Now in the past this was correct. Corporate video production used to not be very engaging, simply a tool for brand awareness. However, the video production landscape has changed. Video is now more engaging and the […]

You may have heard the term SEO countless times before or you may not have at all. If you are a business owner chances are you have heard of SEO and if you haven’t, you need to start researching. For many who aren’t familiar with digital marketing terminology, SEO might be a term to scratch […]

At Estivus we work with small to large business owners of every kind, even individuals alike. Through the years we have noticed some common mistakes people make when requesting our video production services and throughout the process. We hope to shed some light on 3 video production mistakes to avoid. Read on for our insights. […]

A corporate video dublin ideally will convey why your business is unique from the rest. It should explain what services or products you provide in a clear and concise manner so that by the end the viewer has a full understanding. A corporate video dublin is usually intended for several purposes such as thanking your customers for […]

Not everyone has heard of motion graphics Dublin and so do not understand how it works or the promotional value of it. There is some dispute about when it was first used, but it is generally accepted that it is closely related to the history of computer graphics. Before computers, motion graphics were difficult and […]

For small businesses, a promotional video opens up opportunities to be unique, authentic and wholly engaging. As a small business owner you may turn your nose up at investing in a promotional video for your brand but ignoring this addition would be a mistake. Video is by far the most attention grabbing platform on the […]

More and more often, before the year is up, companies across the country engage in creative year-end video production and take inventive leaps. Why you ask? If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon there’s very good reason to participate. A holiday video allows a company to recap on the events, achievements and successes of the […]