A corporate video dublin ideally will convey why your business is unique from the rest. It should explain what services or products you provide in a clear and concise manner so that by the end the viewer has a full understanding.

A corporate video dublin is usually intended for several purposes such as thanking your customers for their continued support. It’s a chance to showcase who you are as a brand, show a face to your company.

If you are considering a professional video to showcase your company here are three reasons to push you in the right direction.

Video Is More Engaging

As the digital era evolves and grows we see increased engagement with video and it’s really not so surprising. Video has the ability to show emotion and tone much more effectively than text can.

According to video marketing statistics, online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer traffic by next year. In addition, over 500 million hours are spent watching videos via Youtube every single day.

If a visitor lands on your website the overwhelming majority will flock to viewing a video over text on the same page. Why? Because it’s faster and more convenient. Video appeals to two of our basic human senses, sight and hearing. If someone relates to your video they are much more likely to trust in your services.

Video Expands Your Reach

Another reason why you should have a corporate video dublin is that it can extend your business reach. It’s shareable across social media platforms. Instead of paying out for costly traditional brochures or flyers, a corporate video can be a once off payment which can be reused and reshared time and time again.

One internet user shares or likes your video and so on and so forth. People love to share creative and engaging content online. Consider this as a means of generating leads through online word of mouth.

Google Rewards Video Content

You might have heard of a little thing called SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the process of ranking keywords (search terms) in search engines like Google or Bing for a brand.

Now Google rewards websites that have rich and high-quality video content as well as text. The search engine places you higher up the search ranking scale on its search results pages if there are relevant videos related to your products and services.

Google can recognise video content and its relevancy, putting you higher up the ladder and getting your brand noticed more. Why wouldn’t you want that?

Leave It To The Professionals

What makes us different? Our creative process doesn’t only begin when we start filming, we discuss your ideas with you and help you make the overall decision by getting to know exactly what your business is about and what you are looking for.

From that first phone call, we are present right through the creative process. For corporate video dublin look no further than Estivus Productions. Call us today on 01 969 6284 or email [email protected].