Not everyone has heard of motion graphics Dublin and so do not understand how it works or the promotional value of it. There is some dispute about when it was first used, but it is generally accepted that it is closely related to the history of computer graphics.

Before computers, motion graphics were difficult and expensive, which meant that most of the time they were only used by film production companies. As computers and technology advanced, so did the ease of producing motion graphics Dublin, and they have now evolved into an art form all of their own.

There can be variations, but basically, most motion graphics Dublin are changing graphics with either text or a voiceover to compliment them. It is used in many different ways, such as the introductions to films and TV programmes, but one of its most effective uses is for promotional purposes.

You have probably seen many fine examples of motion graphics without realising what it is. Certainly there are many videos on YouTube or Vimeo that use it, often when they are purpose driven pieces that want to convey a message to the viewer.

Realising That Content Matters

For many years, it was the quality of the equipment being used that seemed to be the most important thing when producing videos of any sort. The likes of Sony and Panasonic were common brands used, but they were expensive to buy and many people would hire them instead.

Then Cannon started to produce some lower priced products and for a while were the market leaders. Now the bigger names are back and there are also several new ones such as Red and Black Magic.

There has been a much bigger change though, because these days being snobbish about the equipment being used is no longer an option. Today, people have realised that it is the content and quality of the video that matters, not how expensive the equipment was to buy.

Owning the most expensive gear in the marketplace does not make a good video producer, what matters is technique.

This has broken down barriers that had stopped good video producers being able to afford being involved in the industry. Some of the most experienced videographers are freelancers or own their own small business, and it is these that are the core of the promotional video industry. Of course, there are still some of the large agencies around, but they are being squeezed out of the market by people that can produce work that is just as good and engaging, but at a much lower price.

Specialist Designers For Motion Graphics Dublin

There are many different areas within graphic design and various ways of describing the designers that carry out the work. There have always been animators that specialise in characters or animals, for example, and now there is a new breed known as motion graphics artists. Many graphic designers and animators have always been able to work in this particular way, but now they are describing themselves in this way so it is immediately obvious that this area is their speciality.

There is specific training just for this particular niche, which can be completed online or by attending a physical course. There are also more than a couple of pieces of software that can be used for motion graphics Dublin and these sometimes come with training as part of the deal.

Using Motion Graphics Dublin to Promote Your Business

Motion graphics Dublin can be a great way to promote your business, whether it is a product or service you are selling. While more traditional advertising methods still have their place, online promotion solutions are proving to be more cost effective, and motion graphics is one of the favourite methods used.

This is because it is more memorable than a still image. It engages the visual and auditory receptors, which is why you will see it being used on different mediums, such as TV and electronic billboards. The average viewer now spends much more time looking at their digital devices, which increases their exposure to short videos. In fact, it’s an area that has been booming for several years now, which makes motion graphics naturally desirable to the modern audience.

To use motion graphics to its best advantage, you need to decide who your target audience is, what message you want to convey, and how you want that message put across.

When you know the answers to these questions, you should contact the experts at Estivus Productions. Our team has extensive experience in video production and marketing in all its forms, and they will bring a distinctive flare to your promotional motion graphics Dublin.

Having original and authentic promotions is vital in this digital age and this has created a high demand for the services of specialists. This does not mean that you will have to raise a mortgage for this type of promotion though because at Estivus, motion graphics is affordable and reasonably priced.

For many years, it was written content that mattered and moved you up the search engine rankings. It was Bill Gates that coined the phrase, ‘content is King’, and that is still the case. It is just that now viewers do not have the patience to read loads of text, so videos and motion graphics are a much better option.

Videos, including motion graphics, are much more engaging and are more likely to have positive results for your sales. Research has shown this is the case, and now more than 81% of businesses say it is their preferred marketing medium, because it is so effective.

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