For small businesses, a promotional video opens up opportunities to be unique, authentic and wholly engaging. As a small business owner you may turn your nose up at investing in a promotional video for your brand but ignoring this addition would be a mistake.

Video is by far the most attention grabbing platform on the internet and is ever increasing in popularity. It’s the favoured choice for web users and statistics prove this. Back in 2018 a video marketing survey from Wyzowl discovered how 72% of consumers online would rather looking at a video about  a product or service, rather than reading about them while presented on the same page. Staggering!

Below are four reasons why small businesses require a promotional video.

A Promotional Video Is Educational

The days are lessening with the roles of sales assistants and business owners explaining the essence of what their products and services are all about in store. Online small businesses are on the increase and on a website it’s more difficult to convey a sales pitch to maximum effect than in person and face to face.

A promotional video allows you to give more. In only two or three minutes a small business owner has the ability to be informative and provide so much knowledge of their brand. Web users would rather watching an informative promotional video over reading a lengthy page of text any day.

A Promotional Video Is Mobile Friendly

What do you see every single day walking through the streets, on public transport, in your workplace and in shopping stores? You see people using their mobile phones. We are glued to our mobile phones, we can’t put them down!

A survey conducted in 2017 by Deloitte found that 90% of those aged between 18-75 in Ireland (roughly three million) had access to a mobile phone. Furthermore, Irish people check their phones around 57 times a day on average with 16% of those surveyed saying they are on their phones over a hundred times a day.

Mobile users are a large market to target so you can be sure having a promotional video as engaging content is worthwhile. How many times have you checked on your phone for local businesses that offer A, B and C?

A Promotional Video Is More Personal

Overall, how much emotion can reading text about a product or service portray? Sure you can write some fancy words and descriptive sentences but as for that personal touch, video has got to be the superior method.

Potential customers want to get a sense of the face and voice behind a small business. The most popular small businesses are those who get to know their customers and show more of themselves through engagement and interaction.

Potential customers want to see the face and get the sense of what small businesses are all about. You are more inclined to buy something if you like or can relate to the seller. A promotional video allows you to capture all of these facts and make them a reality.

A Promotional Video Is Cost Effective

It’s common knowledge that the cost of printing is expensive. Rather than printing out a bunch of promotional material to send around to get your small business noticed, investing in a promotional video is highly more valuable. With a promotional video you can use it again and again over years and a promotional video can be shared on many different social media platforms.

More often than not, video production companies work with your budget too. It’s about how much you are willing to spend and put into a promotional video. Ultimately the choice is up to you.

How We Can Help

With Estivus Productions we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating the perfect promotional video for your brand. We can direct the narrative and capture the very essence of what your small business stands for in just a few minutes.

Our promotional video portfolio includes many existing small businesses. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.