More and more often, before the year is up, companies across the country engage in creative year-end video production and take inventive leaps. Why you ask? If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon there’s very good reason to participate.

A holiday video allows a company to recap on the events, achievements and successes of the year coming to a close. It can also act as a reminder of why your product or service is the perfect Christmas gift or enable a business to thank their loyal following.

Reconnect with your customers and show off the various types of personalities within your company with a holiday video to express gratitude and a heartfelt send off to all involved.

The different types of company holiday videos you can create are as follows:

1 . The Happy Holidays Greeting

Get creative with the Happy Holidays greeting, a common choice for an end-of-year video. This is literally a send-off to all customers with a simple message, yet you can expand on the style and make it as unique as you want.

With the Happy Holidays Greeting you can add an animated video, gather the entire team together in a group shot, the range of choices you have here are endless.

2 . Company Update Video

The Company Update Video can inform customers of plans for the following year and what they can expect.

Peak people’s interest with a range of new products or services coming in for 2019 and any special occasions your company is planning to partake in.

3 . Company Recap Video

The Company Recap Video highlights all the successes and the most memorable moments from the last year, combining personal and business achievements alike.

With a video of this kind you as a company can express gratification for not only your customers but for employees too. Reflect on special events such as product launches, celebrations and the holidays. Make it special and meaningful for all.

4 . Say Thank You

A video where you thank your customers goes a long way. After all, they are why your business continues to move forward. Without customers your company would be in a bit of a muddle so don’t forget to show that you are grateful.

A Thank You Video works for partners, vendors and more. People love to feel appreciated so let them know that you care and build those meaningful connections.

5 . Show Your Funny Side

More often than not, companies are going that extra mile in attempting to be unique and quirky. Show your sense of humour by doing something different this Christmas.

Why not get your team together to dress up and do a sing-along? You could create a parody or have all your staff act out a lip dub.