The term may leave you scratching your head but we can bet you already have seen digital signage around, you just didn’t know the correct term for them.

Digital signage is a digital screen or digital display showing images, video and/or text. And digital signage is everywhere.

From small corner shops to large establishments like hotels, you name them, they are using digital signage so why not join in?

Types of Digital Signage

Digital signage is a fairly broad concept, however, the origins have to come from advertising itself and how advertising branched out to be showcased on different platforms such as video as a main component.

There are many types of digital signage you can choose from to turn heads and get noticed. Prices tend to vary but the cheapest options are that of the LED moving text displays, known as tickers, and LED text messages used for opening and closing signs or to display opening hours, as examples.

Digital signage is highly prevalent in fast food restaurant chains with digital menus displayed above counters. Similarly, as you walk into any big shopping centre your eyes will be met with the sights of various digital advertisements promoting brands and their seasonal special offers.

Moving on to more expensive options are the likes of video walls, social media walls and digital billboards.

Benefits of Digital Signage

The key aims of digital signage are to capture the attention of passers-by, engage and communicate through interactive portals.

Some benefits are as follows:

  • One such benefit of digital signage is that you can convey a message in a few words
  • Enables you to communicate internal information to employees
  • Digital signage can be as simple or as complex as you want
  • Complements and reinforces marketing strategies
  • Improves audience engagement
  • Enhances brand image
  • Increases dwell time
  • Increases sales

Applications of Digital Signage


Gyms can use digital signage to motivate their members with get up and go messages. In gyms we typically see information on the personal trainers employed, adding a more personal touch, promotions on classes and training schedules.


The most common form of digital signage restaurants use are digital menu boards for quickness and efficiency.

Additionally, digital menu boards reduce costs on printing out numerous menus when slight changes are made. Video and animation displays can be implemented to enhance the dining experience.

Retail Stores

As humans are visual creatures this very fact has the ability to influence people through visual means. In terms of retail this means persuading customers to purchase products.

One way retailers use digital signage is through digital window displays and shopfront advertising. These draw potential customers in but what about when people are in your store? Digital signage can be used in retail stores to display extra product information and upsell products.

Educational Institutions

In educational institutions like schools and colleges you are dealing with a wide generation of people who have grown up and are growing up in the digital era.

What better way to communicate to them partially than through digital means in a language they are sure to understand. In educational institutions digital signage can be used to improve safety by linking digital displays with emergency alert systems to notify everyone within the establishment when an emergency arises.

Digital signage is also a means of reducing the need to send out text messages as digital displays are able to notify students of any teacher absences, class room changes and announcements.

Make The Move To Digital Signage Today

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