At Estivus we work with small to large business owners of every kind, even individuals alike. Through the years we have noticed some common mistakes people make when requesting our video production services and throughout the process.

We hope to shed some light on 3 video production mistakes to avoid. Read on for our insights.

Not Knowing What You Want

The first steps before approaching any video production company is knowing what you want. We can’t count how many times people have phoned us and given us little to no detail at all.

We do not know your brand initially and only you can tell us what you want. Do your research into your competitors to see what they are doing with video. Can you describe this to us?

The point is you know your brand inside and out. You know what you stand for as a company and who your target audience are. We can guide you but we are not mind readers. We work off the information provided to us to create the script.

The Good, Fast, Cheap Model

Again, knowing what you are looking for is crucial but within reason. Ever hear of the Good, Fat, Cheap Model? No?

The Good, Fast, Cheap Model refers to a process that is non existent and can conflict with client expectations. You can have two but not all three.

If you want a video produced quickly at a cheap rate then you sacrifice the quality of the video. If you want a high-quality video made quickly then it isn’t going to be cheap.

A good video produced on the cheap. You aren’t going to get your video anytime soon. Understanding the Good, Fast, Cheap Model will allow you to make better decisions and communicate your priorities more effectively.

Not Making The Most Out Of Your Video After It’s Made

A video production company is just that, a producer of videos. Once the video production process is complete, the final product is handed over and a transaction is made. It is then up to you what you do with your video.

It is your responsibility to push the final product out there to receive hits. Utilise your social media channels to their full potential. Share, share, share.

It is also a smart move to place your video in a noticeable and highly visible part of your website. Users will see this video and be more inclined to watch. They won’t see the video if it’s buried somewhere in your site.

Want To Know More Video Production Mistakes To Avoid?

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