According to Yum Yum Videos’ 2019 Video Marketing Trends Survey, 87% of business owners are satisfied with the ROI of previous video marketing campaigns.

And the satisfaction levels with ROI of explainer videos came to a whopping 92%. Some 89% of those surveyed said they experienced an increase in conversions due to the use of explainer videos.

The popularity of explainer videos is down to the fact 95% of consumers online have watched at least one explainer video to learn more about a product or service.#




The Popularity of Social Media Sharing

With the ever-growing amount of people turning to social media, it’s really no surprise that 83% of business owners surveyed stated they use social media platforms to distribute video marketing content. The most popular platform being YouTube to share video on.

“57% of our respondents chose YouTube as the most effective social media platform to distribute video content. Facebook came out in second place with 26% of the votes, and Instagram rounded them up with 15%.”

Growth of Video Marketing

The growth of business owners turning to the use of video in their marketing strategy is not wavering. 21% of people are turning to video, a figure which has increased from the previous year.




















Some 67% of businesses are planning to make more than three videos in 2019. A following 34% will create between three and six videos, 19% between six and ten and 14% expect to make more than ten videos in 2019.

What Business Owners Had To Say About Video

Business owners today understand just how vital video is for an increase in brand awareness, sales revenue and website traffic.

With marketing campaigns, 62% of business owners state video content as being “very important” or “extremely important”.

There is an undeniable confidence in video with some 66% of business owners thinking video will be the most important factor in their 2019 strategy.

What Video Can Do For Your Business

Whether it’s for brand awareness, to engage with your customers and reach out to new ones or thank existing customers for their loyalty there are many uses for video today.

Video is the most engaging type of content on the market as it allows you to convey emotion, show of your brands personality and build up trust by giving a face to your business.

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