In the sea of video production existing today there are many myths swimming around. Well we are here to tell you to not assume but to do your research. The myths we are about to discuss are simply just that, myths.

Some business owners avoid video production for these reasons alone, putting themselves at a disadvantage from the outset. In truth, video is highly adaptable and the most engaging channels to get your message out there.

Video production can be a crucial part of your marketing strategy and has a proven track record when it comes to ROI (Return on Investment). Make your decision after reading and not before.

Video Production Is An Expensive Process

The first common myth about video production is that the process is very expensive to take part in. False. Video production has become more flexible with budget and a video production company will talk you through what you want and what is achievable with the amount you are willing to pay.

A video can cost more or less, within what is achievable, and while the initial cost may be more expensive than other channels, video can be used again and again, the value never ceases.

Cost is determined by the style of video you desire, the number of locations you want the video to be shot in and the equipment used in the process.

Video Production Is Too Complicated

It really isn’t, in fact it’s the opposite. Video production is as simple as you make it. The process works like this, you ring a video production company up and explain what type of video you would like, is it a video about your services or a sale on? What message do you want to tell?

After this you state your budget and a video production company will give you some ideas on the types of videos they could do and the format. They will then take some time away and come back to you with a quote.

The process does require some effort on your part. A video production company can only work with what they are given so communication is key. You need to relay exactly what you want and the message you want to tell your audience. Something which is not complicated as you know your business better than anyone else. By working together throughout the process there should be no fuss and no complications if done right.

My Business Won’t Benefit From Video Production

If you are old school you may be wondering what the craic is with the rise in video. You may have the opinion your business does not need video to showcase your products or services. Think again.

Video is by far the most engaging channel of communicating to your audience. This is due to a number of reasons including video having the ability to convey emotion and tone much more effectively than text can.

If you can take part in a video where your audience relates to you on a human level the results are endless. An audience will flock to a service they perceive as relatable and trustworthy and there is no better channel than video to do this.

Ready To Take The Plunge?

At Estivus we are specialists in crafting together your message into video format. Provide us with the information and we will engage and relate to your audience on a human level with creative storytelling.

Don’t believe us? With Estivus you have various choices for video. You can choose from a short promotional video to give potential customers a behind the scenes look of what your business stands for and the services you provide.

You also have the options of corporate videomotion graphics for animated videos or even a video designed for your social media channels. If you want to talk ideas and find out more about just how crucial video is for your business then give us a call on 01 969 6284 today or email [email protected].