For many of our clients based in Dublin seeking our corporate video production services a question keeps cropping up. That question is what is involved in the corporate video production process?

Our clients ask this question because many of our clients in the corporate field are not accustomed with corporate videos as part of their everyday routine.

At Estivus we use the same process for all of our video projects which can be separated into three different categories.

Pre-production is the initial stage and the most crucial. This is where a clear plan is set out to identify what our clients want from a corporate video. The production stage is self-explanatory, when we shoot the video and post-production is where we edit a video and work our magic.

It is truly something to see a corporate video come together and our client’s excitement when we provide them with the end result. Here is a breakdown of the three stages of corporate video production.


Before any video is created a client will reach out to us first to talk about what type of corporate video they want. The more information you provide to us the better. In the pre-production stage we determine your goals and objectives from the corporate video production process.

We will ask about your business and what message you wish to convey. Based on your responses we can make recommendations and agree on a budget and deadlines for the three phases of video production.

The more planning involved the smoother the production stage will be. Here we consider what location will be used for filming, who will be involved, interview questions if necessary and what type of equipment we need.

We create a script based on the information you provide us. This gives our film crew a clear direction in the production process.


When your corporate video is all planned out it is time to go out and film. We set up the lights, audio and filming equipment in the location we have chosen to shoot. Everyone involved will know their tasks to do during filming.

Typically, we will go through the script with you before we film to ensure you are familiar with what to say. The crew is assembled and lights, camera action!


Now that your corporate video is shot it is time to move on to post-production. The process is not over just yet. We take what we filmed and blend it with the right audio to match and effects.

By using video editing software, we edit the video until it conveys your message to maximum effect. Here we weave the story you want to tell and simplify it into a way your target audience will understand.

We make it a point to show you a rough draft of your corporate video first before we deliver the final product. We wish to make sure everything is to your complete satisfaction.

Corporate Video Production In Dublin

And there you have it. The three stages of corporate video production is the method we use for every single video project.

Our portfolio includes The Spencer Hotel, Slaney Manor, The Beacon Hotel and Brambles Cafe. Join them by contacting us today through our landline of 01 969 6284 or by emailing [email protected].

Below are a few examples of our work:

The Spencer Hotel

Slaney Manor

The Beacon Hotel

Brambles Cafe