Getting a video professionally produced is too expensive… right? Wrong. Corporate video production in Dublin is a lot more affordable than you think, and the advantages are more comprehensive than many people realise. Technological advances have brought the cost of production right down, which means it’s no longer just a tool to be used by big companies with huge marketing budgets, now a corporate video in Dublin is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Below we’ll discuss some of the obvious, and not so obvious, advantages of getting a professionally produced video made for your business.

Tell your brands story

Just telling your story is a slight simplification. The key is to tell your brand’s story in an engaging and compelling way that’s concise. Video opens a whole world of creativity not previously available to your business. A successful corporate video in Dublin will be both entertaining and informative. You can tell your story, showcase products, and use your video to make the benefits more relatable to your potential customers. Because the video will be used at your discretion, it can be any length you wish. However, if you intend to share it over your social media resources then it’s probably best to keep it to a maximum of approximately three minutes, and definitely no more than five minutes.

Don’t believe the hype

If you try to make your video too sales orientated it can come across as cheesy. High pressure advertising is not the best way to communicate your message. It doesn’t need to be a moving Hollywood production or a work of comic genius to be impactful. You can get your message across in a stylish and relevant way when you use professionals for your corporate video in Dublin.

One of the best things for your SEO is a corporate video in Dublin

Google, and other search engines, are favouring videos. Incorporating a description and all the relevant tags will help the search engine find your video and display it to users searching for what you’re offering. A lot of the content shared on Facebook is video, and the amount of video being posted, watched, and shared on all social channels is growing exponentially.

Let’s be honest, we’re a little bit lazy

When we’re searching on our digital devices for something personal it’s generally in our spare time. We concentrate and work hard all day, so the last thing we want to do is read lots of small text or compare spec sheets. Watching a video is just far easier. It allows us to relax while finding out the information we were looking for. It also helps a business to increase brand awareness and reinforce any other messages at the same time.

Don’t forget to create a call to action

While you don’t want your video to turn in to an off-putting monologue of hard sell, you do want the viewer to continue to interact with your brand. You can finish the video with a suggestion of further action, such as visiting your website to find out more about a product, or whatever would count as a successful conversion for your business. Don’t get so wrapped up in the creative aspects that you forget what the point of the corporate video in Dublin was in the first place.

You can take customer engagement to a whole new level

Watching an absorbing video is like a real-world experience. Potential customers will experience your brand in the same way they experience the world. Having visual and audio stimuli allows you to create a more direct connection with your audience. Other aspects of your video will create associations with the viewers, so it’s important to be aware of these so you don’t accidentally create any negative ones in your corporate video in Dublin. The same goes for any background noises or music you use. Music can be a powerful and emotive medium, but only when used correctly.

Don’t be afraid to showcase who you really are

Sometimes businesses are more interested in conveying an image than showing who they actually are. However, one of the most powerful aspects of corporate video in Dublin is its ability to show the human aspect of your business, as this makes your business more relatable to the average customer. Don’t be afraid to let consumers know your company is run by real people just like them.

Expand your reach

A professionally produced corporate video in Dublin can extend the reach of your business. It’s such an easily shared medium on social platforms that it’s more likely to be viewed by a greater number of people. Users love sharing engaging and creative content, so getting your corporate video in Dublin professionally produced increases the chance it will be shared and seen by more of your target audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram. It also provides a much more direct route to connect with your audience, as social comments and YouTube comments provide you with an opportunity to engage with your audience further.

It’s cost effective

Once you’ve had a professional video produced it’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can use it on all your social channels, on your website, and on other websites, such as YouTube. Other people can embed it into information about you. You can also re-use it again and again after a certain amount of time. Once it’s there it will be ever-present, still getting views in weeks, months and years.

A professional video partner

At Estivus we’re different. We really dig deep into your business and ideas so we can help guide your decisions accurately. From the very first call you make, until after your video is finished, we are ever present. Professionally producing a high-quality corporate video in Dublin is a creative process, and one we like to join you in from start to finish. Call us on 01 969 6284 to discover just how cost effective a corporate video in Dublin could be for your business.